Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Homemade saucer block update and making my own blocking springs

Further to my last post, I am really pleased with how the block turned out.
Having blocked some red sinamay on it, I stitched brim reed and bias sinamay to the edge, added a red ribbon covered head band...and then went festive!

I recently posted on facebook that I make my own blocking springs (saves all that pinning and string!), this is how they are used

and this is what I use to make them, red hollow polythene belting, sometimes called red quick go, or hollow poly tubing. I use 8mm diameter, and use these tiny metal connectors that push into either end. Bear in mind once in, they can't be removed. If you intend trying it out, cut your tubing slightly smaller than you need as it will stretch, and you do want a good tight fit.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm keen to buy some to, just wondering where you brought yours? I found some online at stationary engine parts Ltd, they seem to have the joiners and tubing...

  2. I bought mine locally here in the Uk at a tube and belting supply company, and they don't sell online, so not a lot of help, sorry x