Thursday, 14 June 2012

Workspace and tools

I am so untidy when sewing, this seems really strange to me because I am practically OCD about the rest of my house. I love things to be clean neat and tidy...expect when I get the fabrics out, then they are all over the floor!

Perhaps its because I don't always have a fixed idea in my head for a design and often its the fabric or trim that sparks an idea. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. But being creative often leads to part finished projects, so I have hidden all of these away until I can think what to do with them!

I am lucky in that I have a space to work, and somewhere to put everything. It is really the guest bedroom, but being a large room and having a man who is handy with DIY, I was able to snatch a largish area.

I use a computer workstation to keep my Pfaff sewing machine and Husqvarna overlocker on, and the lower shelf houses the laptop. I made sure I fixed lots of extra lighting above the table, and lots of electrical sockets underneath. I can never have enough plugs!

The curtains pull across the work area if someone is staying over, and then they don't have to stare at my clutter all night!

I never store my fabrics according to colour or weight or just about any sort of system, and as I keep lots of small pieces (ideal for hats)it does have a tendancy to spill over sometimes.

I did try and tidy a bit to take a photo, I also thought I would take a photo of my favourite tools whilst I was at it, and here they are

From the left; Calculator, a must have for drafting my own patterns

Bias binding maker - I love, love, love this little gadget. I will be making some bias in a future tutorial so I will explain how to use it then.

Magic laundry pen- This is great for marking out fabric, as it disappears like magic after a little while.

Stitch/seam ripper - I have loads of these, I am always putting one down and can't find it!

Tailors chalk - if the pen isn't practical

Rotary cutter - great for straight lines or curves, especially great when making bias binding

Scissors - not for cutting paper or anything other than fabric

Fluff sticky roller - so great for cleaning any bits off at the end of a project.

and they are all on top of my large cutting mat, which saves my table getting scratched and really useful when I need dead straight lines.

I did forget to add things to my list like my French Curves, but I love tools so I could have gone on forever...adding in....glue gun.....white cotton gloves (used when sewing fine fabrics, 'cos my hands are rough!)...etc..etc

I would of taken a picture of my specs, as I can't do anything without them, but I had them on at the time :)

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