Sunday, 8 January 2012

Tutorial – making a hat pattern Part 2

Following on from yesterdays hat pattern, I am now ready to sew the hat together.
Firstly I ran a line of stay stitching ( long machine stitches) around the seam line of the brim, just to help it stay in shape, then I sewed the seam in the brim (right sides together) and pressed open.

Then take the hat crown side and again with right sides together sew the seam together and press open.

Take the hat crown (top circle) and with right sides together pin to the hat side, easing the fabric to fit. Sew these together.

With right sides together pin and sew the bottom of the side to the inner brim. If you find it hard to stretch the fabric around, sew a stay stitch line agin around the inner seam allowance and make some small cuts into the brim seam allowance , being careful not to go further than your stitch line. Apologies, that I forgot to take a picture of this stage :(

My hat is now ready to paint!

If you wish to add lining before I get around to posting the next images, just cut all 3 pattern pieces out of your lining fabric (do not interface). Make them up exactly as the hat, so that you have 2 hats, place the lining hat inside the outer hat, pim the brim together, and sew co-ordinating bias binding all the way around the edge to join the 2 hats together. You can then decorate as desired. I will publish more on this task as my hat continues.

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