Monday, 9 January 2012

Tutorial – making a hat pattern Part 3

I have now painted my hat, and I will describe how the hat was finished, and the techniques I tried out for painting.

I decided for ease to use Kuretake fabric pens for most of the design. I also use artists acrylic paints for the blue sky effect. I used the blue to just tint my water and brushed it on very quickly. It does mean that the hat get quite wet, which is why I pre washed the fabric. Also, be aware that the paint will seep through, which is why I didn't line the hat until finished. All the paints are waterproof once ironed.
I didn't bother working out a design beforehand, I just went with the creative flow. It is not a masterpiece, but is was fun to do and taught me a few things...such as, it would have been better to paint the design before assembly whilst it was still flat, and as the hat got quite wet, some of the colours ran. Although I quite liked the effect.

Once the hat was painted I cut out my lining fabric, I used a pale blue polyester cotton. Then I assembled as described in part 2.

The lining was then put inside the hat, I pinned the brims together and then ran a machine line around the edge to keep it all together. Then I trimmed the seam very close to the stitching line.

I used a pale blue 1 inch wide bias binding to edge the hat. I folded and pressed the binding in half so that it would sit nicely on the brim. As I stitched it in position I stretched it slightly so that it would follow the curve.

I really need some nice blue ribbon to go around the middle, but have just placed some of the bias binding there for the time being. When putting the ribbon in on I will stab stitch it in position going all the way through the hat to catch the lining in place.
I hope you like the finished hat, I just need some sun to wear it in now!


  1. Just popped over from folksy. This is lovely!! Very inspiring, you are so talented. I will keep an eye on your blog posts in future!!
    Btw, I sold a hat made from your lilac tweed fabric this week on folksy!!! Sue xx

  2. Wonderful hat!!! I love it!!

  3. thank you both for your lovely comments. x x