Friday, 6 January 2012

Painted hats and flappers!

It has been a busy morning, and thank goodness the weather is brighter with no wind. I struggle taking good photos indoors on gloomy days, and I struggle most of the time to take good pictures even though I was given a new camera for Christmas. It will take a week to read the manual, but in the meantime I just press all the buttons and hope for the best!
The picture below was taken this morning of a cute little 1940s style cocktail headband. It was made with black felted wool. I covered a wide plastic headband in the fabric and then made some pom poms for the top. The last similar one I sold was very well received, so I thought it was time to make another.

I have also been thinking about painted hats, some ideas are brewing, so I hope to post later with an update.
The 20s are meant to be the new big fashion style for the coming year, so I might use this fabulous film clip from the mid 20s as inspiration for my painted hat!


Let me know what you think x x

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  1. A realy beautiful techinique¡¡ I think i'm gona try in one of mine. Kisses from Spain :))